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Dear 9gagers and other cool people of the world 🙂

Thanks for your questions about this flask. I´am really happy to hear that you love this engraving!
It costs only 40 Euro including delivery to all over the world.
We sold today already one to China, one to Brasil and one to Germany  🙂

Flachmann mit Gravur: Keep calm and carry on drinking

Keep calm and carry on drinking flask engraving  – where can you buy order it?

If you like to buy this “Shut up and take my money” flask. This is the way you can do it:
Just send 40 Euro via PayPal to this adress: and tell us your delivery adress!
OR you just buy it in the online store (mouse click on the picture)
We will engrave it and send the flask ASAP to you.

Plz don´t be afraid to contact me, if you have more questions.
Keep smiling!

Greetings from sunny Berlin

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